Decentralized Clinical Trials in the EU: Accelerating the Development of New Medicines

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is working to facilitate decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) in the EU. DCTs are a type of clinical trial that uses remote monitoring and other technologies to allow patients to participate in trials from their homes or other convenient locations. This approach has the potential to make clinical trials more accessible to a wider range of patients, and to reduce the cost and time of drug development.

5 Advantages of Decentralized Trials for Sponsors

Learn about the benefits of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) for sponsors, including improved patient recruitment and retention, increased efficiency and reduced costs, more realistic results, better safety monitoring, and enhanced data quality.

Discover how DCTs are revolutionizing clinical research and improving patient participation, efficiency, and safety.

The Advantages of Decentralized Clinical Trials for Study Sites

Discover the benefits of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) for study sites in our latest blog post. From increased patient access to reduced costs and streamlined data collection, DCTs offer several advantages that can improve your clinical research process. Learn more now.