Senior Carers Course

Develop your carers to become Senior Carers by learning a variety of clinical skills traditionally only undertaken by registered nurses.


Healthcare Support Workers play a vital role in providing high quality patient care; their skills and experience are highly valued throughout the healthcare industry and healthcare organisations are now looking to bridge the gap in skills and knowledge between carers and registered nurses.


What is the Senior Carers Course?

The Senior Carers Course is delivered over a 6 week period, 1 full day per week. 

Our nurse educators will teach carers to obtain a variety of skills traditionally only undertaken by registered nurses to strengthen their fundamental skills. 

The STEP senior carers course aims to enhance collaboration between senior carers and registered nurses and provides an opportunity for professional development for carers whilst also improving efficiency, patient safety and healthcare outcomes within the care home setting.

What skills do you teach carers?

In a series of classroom based theory, e-learning and practical sessions, carers will be mentored and accredited on the following competencies:

Aimed at

Our course is aimed at experienced support workers employed within the care home setting looking to enhance their existing knowledge and skills

Case Study

Please take a look at our UpSkill Senior Carers Course Case Study for more information on how we developed and delivered this training programme. 

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