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Tracheostomy Training -
Fundamentals of Tracheostomy Care

Empowering healthcare professionals for optimal tracheostomy care.


Led by experienced registered nurses with first-hand clinical expertise, this half-day (3 hour) blended learning course offers comprehensive theoretical and practical training in tracheostomy care best practices. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of tracheostomy care through engaging activities that promote active learning and knowledge retention.

tracheostomy training

Why Is It Important?

Within head and neck surgical practice, tracheostomies are often managed both in ICU and the wider care settings. 

Proper care and management of tracheostomy patients is crucial to avoid complications that can negatively impact patients’ daily activities and overall quality of life. All healthcare staff responsible for the care of tracheostomy patients must have a thorough understanding of best practices, especially those who are unfamiliar with tracheostomies.

Through effective training in tracheostomy care, healthcare professionals can help prevent and manage complications, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the overall quality of care.

Tracheostomy Training Session Outline

Aimed At

This training is suitable for healthcare professionals of all levels and settings, including those who are already caring for tracheostomy patients and wish to enhance their current skills and knowledge while reviewing their current practice. It is also suitable for those who are unfamiliar with tracheostomy care and seeking to acquire new skills to provide effective care for their patients.

Whether working in community care or in a hospital setting, this training provides a comprehensive understanding of best practices in tracheostomy care, equipping healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to deliver high-quality care for tracheostomy patients.

Facilitated By

Registered nurses with first-hand clinical experience.

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