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Wren Healthcare's partners achieves NICE MIB status for electrotherapy for haemorrhoids / piles.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) produces ‘MedTech Innovation Briefings’ (MIB) as advisory notices, to inform healthcare organisations of safe and effective technology and thereby avoiding the need for organisations to produce similar information locally. MIBs are an advanced level of NICE approval, are commissioned by NHS England and produced in support of the NHS 5-Year Forward View, specifically as one of a number of steps which will accelerate innovation in new treatments and diagnostics.

As of the 10th December 2019, we are pleased to announce that the NICE guidance in support of electrotherapy for the treatment of haemorrhoids, IPG525, has now been progressed to NICE MIB status MIB201 stating eXroid electrotherapy as a safe and effective treatment for internal haemorrhoids.

The eXroid electrotherapy treatment is fully in line with the NHS Five Year Forward Plan. The 2019 commissioning guidance directs the development of services to move away from main theatre interventions to effective clinic-delivered procedures that are more accessible for patients and that allow them to return to a normal self-sustaining lifestyle without debilitating underlying conditions.

We are continuing to work with eXroid to produce and evaluate treatment evidence for grade 4 disease and hope to have further official guidance published to support the treatment’s efficacy for this condition in due course.

For more information regarding the treatment please contact treatments@wrenhealthcare.co.uk or call 0333 305 8964.

Sarah Diamond, Electrotherapy Nurse Specialist

Treatment for Haemorrhoids, Sarah Diamond

I have now had the opportunity to treat many patients suffering with haemorrhoids with the eXroid electrotherapy treatment. The feedback and results from patients has been absolutely amazing. We are not far from eXroid becoming universally the first-line treatment for haemorrhoids, and banishing such ineffective treatments such as banding to history

Our Partners

Proudly partnering with eXroid to bring electrotherapy treatment to your home


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