Laura Tidman, Senior Nurse

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Laura is a senior clinical homecare nurse and has been a part of the Wren Healthcare Team since August 2020. Her homecare career began when she started working on a cardiac ward at the age of 17. 

Since then, Laura has worked for different homecare companies and has extensive experience of delivering IV therapies in patients’ homes.

“I knew quite a few people who had moved over to Wren Healthcare, using their knowledge and expertise to build the company. I understood their vision and the path they were taking, I wanted to carry on with my homecare journey with them.”

As a kid I was a very good Gymnast and trained with an Olympian silver medallist. Also, a big football fan which nobody ever expects! 

Wren is so much easier to work with in comparison to other bigger healthcare companies; where there is no interaction at all with higher management. At Wren, we’re involved in shaping the company and I feel like our feedback is valued.

Knowing the skills and capabilities of the people who work here first-hand, we are able to work together so smoothly, to see what it takes to make a company work. With Wren there is more room for growth, we can tailor the needs around the patients and the staff. It is kind of bespoke and being nurse led is an advantage.

What do you do outside of work?

Outside of work, my two young children keep me busy. Any free time is usually taken by swimming, football & catching up with friends/family.

I also enjoy DIY, home styling/interior and home improvements, so spend rather a lot of time in homeware stores. 


I’ve really enjoyed facilitating the clinical training and mentoring our bank nurses/new employees.

I remember one person who stood out to me, he was so grateful that Wren had invested time into training him. I think that’s the most rewarding thing for me, it’s actually seeing how happy someone can be when they achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. 

I’ve also enjoyed working on the clinical trial studies, decentralised homecare visits have enabled patients to be seen in their own home/workplace, rather than frequently travelling to hospital. This improves the quality of their lives- they’re always so grateful to see me at their door! 

David Beckham – he is a Man United legend and was/still is one of the biggest football names for England.

Where do you see Wren Healthcare going in the future?

This time next year I think we will have more home care nursing services delivering complex care in patients’ homes.


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