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Improve retention and recruitment with decentralized nursing services

Our research nurses have seen and done everything when it comes to trying to improve a child’s experience during a clinical trial.

Our service offers a truly convenient way for patients to participate in clinical research by taking the trial to them.


home nursing for decentralised clinical trials - home clinical trials

Founded by clinical nurse specialists, we are a global provider of home healthcare services for patients in clinical trials.

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What procedures can be carried out in the home?

Procedures which can be performed in the home include administration of study drug which may be intramuscular, via an intravenous infusion or oral etc. 

IMP can be either collected by the homecare team from site pharmacies and transported to the subject or if a temperature-controlled environment is necessary a courier can be used. Any blood samples taken can be processed and spun in the home and we can ship samples on dry ice as necessary.

Our research nurses can complete ECG’s, questionnaires, undertake clinical monitoring in home. This minimises unnecessary trips to the hospital or clinic for paediatric patients.

Completing Protocol Assessments at Patients’ Home
Sample Collection & IMP Administration
Transfer/Shipment of samples and study documentation

Our Home Research nurses

Wren Healthcare recruits experienced research nurses across multiple therapy areas, meaning we are often able to provide nurses with clinical experience within a sponsors indication.

All research nurses are ICH-GCP trained and are a vital part of the study team, approved by the hospital & trained on the study/protocol. 

Our nurses are prepared for any study they are invited to support. Compliance is respected and maintained throughout and visits within the study protocol. 

Improve retention and recruitment...

More than 80% of trials fail to enroll on time, resulting in extension of study time or addition of new study sites.1

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55% of terminated trials are due to low accrual rate.2

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How does home clinical trials benefit the patient?

Our home clinical trial service has many benefits for patients:

paediatric clinical trials at home

How does home clinical trials benefit sponsors?

Home Research Nursing has great benefits for the sponsor. It can enhance recruitment rates as patients don’t have to visit sites regularly. It also enables those unable to travel or who live in remote locations to participate.

The decentralized approach to research can improve retention rates as patients build an open relationship with their visiting nurse. 

These factors provide extra support to the patient whilst also enabling the drug to potentially reach the marketplace more quickly.

boost patient recruitment by up to

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maintain patient retention over

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