Clinical Waste Bags – Small [50 Per Roll]

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UN approved orange clinical waste bag for disposal of infectious waste that does not contain chemicals or pharmaceutical medicines. Wide range of sizes, closure and sustainability options.

  • Swabs & dressings
  • Soiled cotton wool
  • Tissues & blue roll/couch roll
  • Soiled gloves and aprons
  • Infectious incontinence pads & nappies
  • IV lines and fluid bags not contaminated with pharmaceutical medicines
  • Items contaminated with TB, Anthrax, Hepatitis B
  • Options on types of seals – no leakage ensured by star, gusset or pillow seal
  • All capacities and sizes available from 20L to 90L
  • UN approved in 4,5,8,10,12,14 & 25 KG
  • Approved ADR for carriage in bulk
  • Advanced print to aid visual confirmation of waste streams
  • Flexibility of HDPE & LDPE, regran and virgin blends used to produce the best product
  • Reduced packaging due to lean manufacturing
  • Rolled to fit dispensers and bag to bed systems

This product should not be used for the following waste types:

  • Disposable metal parts
  • Non-infectious waste
  • Anatomical waste
  • Placental waste
  • Cytotoxic/ Cytostatic waste
  • Domestic waste
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