10% OFF all electrotherapy treatments. 0% finance options available


Costs and Services

Now offering 0% finance on all treatments
and no upfront costs

We have tailored our service to make it simple and effective for our patients and their journey!

Get treated in the comfort of your own home and feel more relaxed. Your first appointment will cost £1,195, which includes a £400 examination and consultation fee.

If your treatment cannot go ahead for any reason after the initial consultation, the treatment portion of the fee will be refunded to you. The consultation fee of £400 is non-refundable.

Over 5 million people in the UK suffer with haemorrhoids and many patients choose electrotherapy as an effective alternative to invasive and potentially painful surgery. 

Our Costs

What does the treatment include?

First Appointment

Examination & Consultation plus 1 x Treatment Package – 1hour – £1,195

Follow-up Appointment

Consultation plus 1 x Treatment Package – 30mins – £1045

(Only patients that have already been treated within the last 12 months can book a follow-up appointment)

0% Finance Package - No Upfront Costs

If you would rather spread your payments out over 9-11 months, we can now walk you through an application for 0% finance which allows you to spread the cost of the procedure.

Monthly instalments from as little as £91

You decide the number of months to make the instalments affordable for you and the patient services help you do the rest. It’s quick to check to see if you’re eligible and you could be saying goodbye to piles sooner than you thought.

How do I apply?

1. Choose to split the finance over 9, 10 or 11 months.

2. Complete a credit application process, and once approved, your appointment will be booked and confirmed.

3. No deposit payment required, full payment amount is spread over your monthly payments.

4. The first 0% APR repayment will be taken within the first 10 days.

To understand more about this service, please speak to one of our specialist advisors on 0203 974 6950 (opt 5).

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