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6 Benefits of Specialist Homecare Nursing

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Homecare has been used within the healthcare industry for many years, however it’s not as well-known as it should be. When we imagine healthcare, we imagine hospitals, ward rooms, sickness and health. Being treated at home wasn’t a sought-after option, but this is now changing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has since changed the way people think about hospital visits, leading to an increase for specialist homecare services; and in itself, creating a much higher demand for homecare within the UK.

But is homecare safe? What are the benefits of homecare services?

Here at Wren Healthcare, we pride ourselves in our gold star specialist treatment. We believe homecare can be a far better option for the patient, and this is why: 

1. Reduced Risk of Infection

Even prior to the pandemic, attending hospitals has an increased risk of infection for any patient attending. For those already with suppressed immunity this risk is increased even further. Having a nurse with PPE visiting the home after being tested and deemed safe, is now becoming a preferred choice. The anxiety of infections at a hospital can make a difference to the patients’ health and peace of mind. Specialised homecare can not only make the patients feel more at ease in looking after their health, but also reduces their risk of infection.

2. Convenience and Accessibility

Having a nurse visit the patients home brings treatment closer and creates more accessibility to patients. Those with long term health conditions or those partaking in clinical trials can have multiple hospital appointments, involving stresses such as increased travel, parking difficulties, child-care, time away from work and expensive travel costs. Offering an alternative for care delivered with a flexible solution means that patients are more likely to adhere to their treatment plans, attendance and reporting of health related issues; and in turn enhances patient outcomes. 

3. One-To-One Nursing and Consistency

Homecare nursing can be centred to each individual patients needs, offering a small, consistent cohort of specialist nurses. This allows for a strong therapeutic trusting relationship to be built. Patients can feel confident with how their care is delivered and the trust that is built empowers patients to report more accurately. This can improve the impact that their treatment is having. One-one nursing allows for the nurse to get a better understanding of what is normal for patients and their condition, and recognise changes in health. 

4. Comfort

Receiving treatment at home can offer the patient more comfort, especially when having IV infusions, anti-cancer therapies, injections and investigations. These can be uncomfortable and offering homecare as an option for patients allows some of the burden of these interventions to be alleviated. That can reduce any additional discomfort or anxiety around the procedures that are being carried out. For most patients, the home is the safest and most comfortable place to be, so creating comfort can increase adherence and more-accurate results.

5. Less strain on hospitals

Even prior to the pandemic, specialist hospital sites have been under increased demand with patient numbers and availability of staff. Having patients receive their treatment via homecare services can go some way to reducing hospital attendances, freeing up appointments and bed spaces, and adding to the capacity of the on-site staff.

6. Tailoring individual needs

Specialist homecare can offer a more bespoke service, it can allow for a flexible solution to meet trail protocol, treatment plans and individual patient needs. The common theme in the previous 5 points is that homecare can be delivered to the highest standard of patient centricity. With patients at the centre of their own care they are empowered to feel in control of their treatment and their health.


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